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Pablo & Gustavo ft. OV

by Paradice Wop

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Wop tags his longtime Comrade OV to talk the OG lingo on this dope track produced by Mannymen


(hook)pushin that product like Pablo and Gustavo cause paper is power so ride if you a rider...

verse 1_

WOP: Got a homie like pee wee Herman. Derik foreal, you know da drill don't you see me workin/ in the kitchen whippin two pots, I got two spots and I get around bitches love me like Tupac /whos hot ? tell me who's not, so Manny niggaz telling hard to tell who be the cops / better get mines fuck u pay me, friends is friends endz is endz nigga fuck yo baby/ got a 100 plates and they all gotta move, them niggaz in the they all gotta choose/plata or plomo , stay in go mode. fuck a bumb bitch keep a hustle for ya hoe/move smoove and clock doe ,let the block blow, always ice cool but the lead hot though /fam first you fuck with mines your riding in a hurst, think its a game until your dead down in the dirt /don't blame the dopeman across the ocean, my niggaz tryna eat, you other niggaz horse playin/ on the gram and snapchat holding your man racks ,I'm in the kitchen still whippin ask your hoe about that/Pablo to Chapo ,featuring El Woppo, now you know I gottem I'm letting the whole flock go /I been doin this, you goofy niggaz new to this, you booby wanna do me just to say she fucked a real nigga!!!

(hook) Pushin that product like Pablo and Gustavo, cause paper is power so ride if you a rider, Pushin that product like Pablo and Gustavo cause paper is power so ride if you a rider

verse 2_.

OV: Made a killing off bode quo, nigga that's you're bitch she a free throw/ on my dick when she lay up ,then back to the trap where I cake up /Blake griff with the 45th, pushin hard rock or that snow sniff/ paralyzing ,enterprising like thriller fiends keep rising/ OV OJ post heissmen runnin wit wop don't try them/ Harlem boys built like linemen niggaz pull up to your crib 3 wizemen/ don't have me call hector with heckler then eject your heart from ya chest or/ get to kidnapping keep yapping and watch your own wife get to clappin

(hook) Pushin that product like Pablo and Gustavo cause paper is power so ride if you a rider (Repeat 4x)


released May 30, 2020
Produced by Mannymen
Engineering by L.Eddy Beethoven
performed by Wop and OV


all rights reserved



Paradice Wop

As the CEO of Crooks Paradice, Paradice Wop takes charge with "Body in the Booth Vol.1 " an ep with some hard freestyle tracks like Rick Ross' "stay scheming" instrumental with cinematic video that got the streets Buzzin set to be released march 2nd

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